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A node willingly validates and stores the complete history of transactions on the network. To run a node, you need to stake a certain amount of NewBit (NEBTC). The staking amounts differ depending on NFT you hold (the package you purchase).


A node willingly validates and stores the complete history of transactions on the network. To run a node, you need to stake a certain amount of NewBit (NEBTC). The staking amounts differ depending on NFT you hold (the package you purchase).


NewBit (NEBTC) allocated to Rewards for Nodes will be distributed when new nodes are added to NEBTC Network. Details are described in the White Paper.

Node Rewards

here are two types of node rewards;

  • Minting rewards
  • D.Volt rewards
  • Minting rewards are programmed to be offered to x nodes at a certain rate


    11,000,000 NewBit (NEBTC) will be distributed as minting rewards to x nodes. Earnings made in D.Volt ecosystem will be distributed as D.Volt rewards to x nodes, authority nodes, and super nodes

    Our Services


    We serve our clients in their quest for innovative blockchain solutions that are market-ready and address real business issues.

    Our Team


    Let's introduce our team

    Kay Kim
    Starting with integrating system for financial and telecommunications industry as a system engineer in Japan, than became interested in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain startups while working as an IT consultant, and has been challenging startups since 2015. Based on what I experienced from twice failed business challenges, I’m taking on the last challenge with reliable members.
    Flutter & Dart, Java, C&C++, Spring, JSP, COBOL, Bash, R, TensorFlow, Hadoop, Lambda Architecture, Python, NLP, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, SAP, Hyperledger Fabric, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
    Blockchain & A.I. R&D
    Jan. 2023 ~
    • Research and development of MoBiDy that is a main-net based on Proof of Connection method in which smartphones become blockchain nodes.
    • Challenge as a Startup through rapid MVP app development and market demand verification
    Luxury Live Commerce Platform
    Flexme Inc.
    Mar. 2022 ~ Dec. 2022
    • Personal A.I. Shopper mobile app development using Deep Learning & NFT.
    • Technical proven and implemented Kubernetes, MSA, DevOps.
    Digital Asset Exchange app
    COREDAX Co.,Ltd.
    Dev Team Leader
    May. 2021 ~ Mar. 2022
    • Renewal development of Digital Asset Exchange app using Flutter & C, C++.
      > Including dedicated trading chart by Flutter and encryption / decryption modules by C & C++.
    • Exchange system operation and management by C & C+ +.
    • Development of trading bot for liquidity supply coin by Flutter Desktop App.
    • ISMS-P certification for the first time in Korea. Obtained the highest technical point int the review.
    AI & Blockchain based video commerce service , FANZY
    Co-Founder, CEO, COO
    Sep. 2017 ~ Jan. 2021
    • Development reward-coin video DApp using YouTube API & Flutter.
    • Development main-net by Hyperledger Fabric.
    • Korea Fintech Support Center, Seoul Fintech Lab, KIC Silicon Valley Blockchain & AI Startup Selection.
    Task Management Solution using A.I., C.VIEW
    C.SIDE Group
    Co-Founder, CEO of CSIDE Japan
    Jan. 2015 ~ Aug. 2017
    • Design and R&D of C.VIEW, a task management solution based on natural language process.
    • As a pilot project of NS Home Shopping, A.I. CS bot development and technology verification.
      > Speech to Text, Multi language Model development. Achieved 85% address recognition confidence. Draft model for call transcript text extraction and transcription.
    • Softbank big data management strategy advisory.
      > Real-time big data verification and construction with Hadoop, Spark, and Lambda Architecture.
    ABeam Cloud R&D
    ABeam Consulting Japan
    Senior Manager
    Jul. 2013 ~ Jan. 2015
    • Development of ABeam Cloud by IT Research & Incubating.
      > After overseas technology research and technology verification, one-stop cloud ERP solution development. Signed MOUs and contracts with over 30 companies including AWS, PerfectoMobile, and Verizon.
    • NTT Financial leasing system improvement.
    SI Project for Financial Industry
    GNGServices Japan
    COO & SI Team Leader
    Jul. 2007 ~ Jul. 2013
    • Japan Financial Exchange Click 365, Placement System Improvement, Transaction System Responsible.
    • Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, GCMS system development.
    • Building Big Data Integration between Softbank and Willcom.
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